Public Information/Records Requests

Conway School District follows the Public Records Act regarding disclosure of its public records. Under state law, a public records request must include a reasonable description that would allow a Conway School District employee to locate the records.  If you are a parent or guardian seeking information about your child, please see the Conway School Principal for records.

You may request Public Records by filling our our Public Records Request Form.  Or you may contact the district office and request a paper copy of the public records form mailed to you.  All requests must be submitted in writing, which includes electronic requests. The request form has detailed information on relevant state laws in regards to records requests and information that may be restricted due to relevant state and federal guidelins.

Per Washington State Law, the district will provide any records we currently have access to or give you information on where to locate the record on our website or OSPI's website. District's are not required to create records in order to fulfill a records request.

ONCE we receive your request we will respond within 5 business days with an approximate timeline for the delivery of records, notifying you if the records are exempt from disclosure, or seeking additional information.  This is an interactive process, if we do not receive responses to our clarifying questions or need for additional information, we may determien the request has been abandoned and close the request.

Cost to Copy Requested Records RCW 42.56.120

Records will be provided in accordance with the PRA.  No fee shall be charged for the inspection of or locating the public records. Please note that copying charges and postage may apply to digital, paper or flash drives.  If you have your own flash drive you may may send it/drop it off to have the electronic files downloaded to it.

If you prefer to review the records at the district office rather than receive copies, please note this on your request.

Copy rates per RCW 42.56.120:
Photocopy $0.15/per page
Scanning into electronic format $0.10/per page
Uploads for electronic delivery $0.05/ per each 4 files
Transmission in electronic format $0.10/per gigabyte
Digital Storage Media Must be Provided by Requestor
Postage or Delivery Charges Actual Cost

If you have questions please contact our Public Records Officer, Austin Hight at [email protected] or at 360-445-5785

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