Bus Behavior Expectations

Bus Behavior Expectations
Conway School Board Policy 6605 and Procedures 6605P and WAC 392-145 set forth behavior expectations for students riding school buses.

The school bus ride is considered an extension of the school day and students are expected to behave in a way that is consistent with school/classroom expectations.

School bus drivers are responsible for the supervision of students from the time the bus arrives at the bus stop in the morning, until the time the students are safely unloaded at the school in; and from loading at the school in the afternoon until students are safely unloaded and across the street (if applicable).

Violations of the rules of conduct on buses will be dealt with in a progressive way. Lower level violations will be reported directly to parents by drivers and discipline applied on the bus (i.e. assigned seats, etc.). More serious or exceptional misconduct will be reported to school principals and discipline applied by the principal. Discipline for major misconduct and repeated minor violations may include suspension and or revocation of the student's bus riding privilege, as well as in-school discipline.

Be Kind

·     Students will treat each other with respect and kindness at all times at the bus stop and on the bus.

Be Safe

·     Students are to be seated while the vehicle is in motion, facing forward with their seat (back) up against the back of the seat, facing forward with all parts of their body out of the aisle.

·     When the vehicle is approaching and crossing railroad tracks, absolute quiet is expected.

·     Bus windows should remain in the “up” position unless permission is given by the driver to put them in a “lowered” position.

·     Weapons, breakable materials (including glass), tobacco products, drugs of any kind, aerosol/or flammable liquids, skate boards, skate boards, in-line skates and animals (pets) of any kind are not allowed on the bus.

·     Emergency equipment on the bus, (i.e. Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, emergency doors/windows) are to be used in emergency situations only! Students are expected to follow practiced emergency procedures.

Be Respectful

·     Students are to conduct themselves in a manner that will not distract the driver and will not disturb other riders. (Do not talk to the driver except in matters of extreme emergencies.)

·     Noise is to be kept to a minimum. The expected behavior is similar to classroom behavior.

·     No food or drink will be consumed while in a district vehicle. This includes all such food items including gum and candy. (This applies to adults also.) (Exceptions might be made in the case of long trips, or medical need, but not normal bus/van runs.)

·     Damage to bus – Students should respect and care for the bus. Any damage caused by students will result in a disciplinary referral and payment for damage.

Be Responsible

·     Student are under the supervision of the driver and must obey the driver at all times, including while boarding the school bus. All rules regarding conduct that are in force at school also apply to students while they are being transported in a district vehicle.

·     Students are to ride only their regularly assigned bus and leave the bus at their regular stop. To ride another bus or get off at a different stop requires the written permission of a parent/guardian and/or the signed permission of someone in the office. Non-Conway students will not be transported without proper approval of the Conway School Office.

·     Homework can be done in seats designated by the driver. (This is a privilege and the student must make sure to not miss their stop and/or be delayed on departing the bus at their stop. Also they need to keep the bus clean and not leave pencils, paper etc. all over the bus.)

·     Electronics are okay on the bus if used without distractions. (Camera’s on phones will not be used on the bus by students, this violates student riders rights and causes a distracting flash to the driver.)


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