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Dear Members of the Conway Community,

Thank you for the warm welcome!  In my first few days at Conway, I’ve been able to visit classrooms and meet students, teachers, support staff and also many parents.  I have been so warmly welcomed here and I am appreciative and thankful.

In my educational travels, it’s been my experience that folks always want to know a little about the new person, so let me provide some background.  I’ve been a building administrator in the Bellevue, Northshore and Burlington-Edison school districts, and I’ve been a certificated teacher in Montana and Bellevue.  This is my 31st year in education.

I consider myself a life-long learner and find great joy and challenge in working with and learning with others.  Conway has a history of collaborating and learning together to support the learning needs of all students and I look forward to working side by side with Conway staff members and parents to continue this important work.  In my short time here at Conway, I’ve already seen evidence of the high level of commitment of administrators, teachers and support staff, working together towards positive educational outcomes for every child.

Teachers and staff members I have worked with would say that I lead by example and that I am approachable and accessible.  I firmly believe that positive relationships and trust are at the cornerstone of effective teaching and effective leading.  Parents appreciate the “we” approach I take to problem solving and supporting students.  My goal in supporting families is always to be thoughtful, kind and patient.

Personally, my time away from school is spent with family and friends.  I have three brothers and a sister and we try to spend lots of time together.  Our family is very sports minded and we often congregate to cheer on our favorite teams (currently the Seahawks, Mariners and Arizona Diamondbacks).  My husband and I love to spend time in the outdoors hiking, biking, motorcycle riding, skiing, golfing, running…  …you name it, we probably have tried it.  When I’m not enjoying the outdoors, I love to read and you can often find me “taking a break” reading a book about education, about leadership, or historical fiction or mysteries.


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