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Upcoming Music Program Dates:

Veterans Day Concerts:     Thursday,   November 7th    at   2:00 pm & 7:00 pm
K-1-2 Holiday Program:      Tuesday,  December 17th   at    6:00 pm
3-4-5 Holiday Program:       Tuesday,  December 17th   at    7:00 pm
6-7-8 Middle School Band:      December 19th   at   2:00 pm & 7:00 pm
January 5th Grade Band / Art Presentation:    TBA
Grand Parents Tea:    TBA
Spring Band Concert:   TBA


Greetings to all of you,

My name is Bennie W. Rawson and I am your new band director / general music teacher at Conway school. I first started teaching music in 1985 in my hometown of Cortez, Colorado as an assistant band director and general music specialist. As the years progressed I was fortunate to gain experience in high school & middle school band/choir and general music in Colorado, Arizona & Washington State. I first came to Washington in 1995 and taught in Coupeville for two years and then Anacortes until 2008 when my family & myself moved back to Colorado for four years to be with family. I had a rare opportunity to teach middle school band/choir again in my home town of Cortez until we got home sick for our new home, Washington State. I feel very fortunate to now be a part of the Conway School staff.

Expectations & Grading:

The following three categories give you a general description of my classroom expectations and grading procedures. I strongly encourage all of the beginning & middle school band students to follow the guidelines listed below, however, the true bottom line for me will be evident when I see the students enjoying the music that we practice & perform together. Since truly grading musical enjoyment is not possible I will confine my evaluation efforts to the following:

Set up & Warm up Routine:

  • Set up instrument, chair, music stand, music and warm up on own instrument
  • Respond to and participate in directed ensemble warm up

Class Lessons & Materials:

  • Have Daily Materials: Instrument, pencil, music & music folder
  • Class Lessons: Keep current lessons & quizzes in music folder

Rehearsal Technique & Participation:

  • Use of good playing posture
  • Following musical score (Play exactly what is written on the music)
  • Constantly listening for and checking instrument intonation (Tuning)
  • Maintain a positive & cooperative work ethic with director & other students

5th Grade Band / Art:

As you may know Patti Hayes and I are trying something new this year.  We are both seeing all of the 5th grade students this year in band and in art.  The way we are accomplishing this is by having one of the 5th grade classes for the 1st half of the year and the other class for the 2nd half of the year. 

Visual Arts for grade 5 includes two and three-dimensional projects under the fine arts umbrella along with a few craft projects.  Students explore many mediums, experiences and cultural or history connections throughout their half year.  Projects will usually be exhibited before making it home, which will eventually include favorite clay work.

Ms. Hayes has Mrs. La Rocque’s class in art and Mr. Rawson has Mrs. Talbert’s class in an introduction to instrumental music class.  These classes will switch during the last week of January 2014. 

Mrs. Talbert’s class will perform as a beginning band on the December 19th  Middle School Band Concert.  Mrs. La Rocque’s class will perform as a beginning band class on the Spring Band Concert.   At the end of the year Mr. Rawson will keep a record of all the student and the instrument with which they were most successful.  These students will all be invited to join the Beginning/Intermediate Band in the 6th grade.  By seeing all of the 5th grade students and giving them an opportunity to try trumpet, clarinet, flute & percussion Mr. Rawson hopes to see stronger participation in band during their 6th, 7th & 8th  grade years. 

If there are ever any concerns you may have about anything we are doing with the band or general music classes please call or email me at the following:

Bennie W. Rawson

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