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Monday, May 8, 2017

5:30 pm



The Committee’s Charge:  Prioritize the district’s facility needs and create a long-term facility maintenance and improvement plan (Six-Year Capital Facilities Plan).  This plan will be presented to the Conway School Board during a Regular Board Meeting.  It will serve as a guide for future decision-making and resource allocation towards capital projects.


Committee Members

  • Ben Burton, Co-Chair
  • Demi Daman, Co-Chair
  • Thom Sicklesteel (abs)
  • Gwen Halliday (abs)
  • Melissa Brown
  • Beverly Collart
  • Matt Staudenraus
  • Kari Chennault
  • Angela Pedersen
  • Steve Turman
  • Nate Wolfe
  • Kim Turner (abs)



  • Committee Norms (Chris)
  • Historical Context (Thom, Gwen and Bev)
  • Approved Capital Projects for Summer/2017
  • Water Heater and Boiler Replacement in the 3000 Building
  • Water Fixture Replacement in 2000 Building
  • Current PTA-Sponsored Projects:  Nature Trail and Athletic Fields
  • Campus Needs (The comprehensive list was brainstormed by the committee):
  • HVAC – 1000, 2000 and 3000 Buildings
  • Roof Replacement (3000, 4000 Buildings)
  • Water and power out on the field;
  • ADA Access for playfields (lower and upper fields) – Need to check in on this; Ramps near access ways – 1000 Building (old entrance); Retention Wall and sidewalk around fields – increased ADA access to fields
  • Parking
  • 3000 – Classroom Flooring
  • Sidewalk expanded by busing area
  • Closing upper parking lot after school
  • Drainage between 4000 and 5000
  • Retention wall in front of 5000
  • Recycling Options & Compost Options (Service Group)
  • Addition of a Greenhouse
  • Drainage below the Nature Trail – Steps/Ramp
  • Drinking fountain by the Sport Courts
  • Pre-School Playground Updates
  • Playground Equipment
  • Amphitheater Improvement (maintenance of theater)


  • Next Steps:  The district will explore costs for all of above list.  This information will be provided to the committee in September for the purpose of prioritization based on a variety of factors.  The charge of this committee is to revise the district’s Six-Year Capital Facilities Plan and to present this plan to the School Board sometime next year.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

5:30-6:30 pm




  • Katherine Wolfe
  • Carolyn Conner
  • Bernie Turman
  • Libby Moga
  • Deenie Berry
  • Chris Pearson



(Norms:  Active listener, monitoring your air time, keep the broader cause in mind – think in terms of whole-school)


  • Updates on the following topics from our previous meeting:     
  • School Garden (Chris) (Nick Moga- Can help us with the Greenhouse)

Jefferson School as an example of a school garden – Carolyn will connect with Chris)

Looking into the purchase of a green house –currently pricing out some possibilities; new structure on campus – will need board approval via or Facilities Improvement Committee

  • Salad Bar/Farm-to-School Cafeteria Options (Chris and Bernie):  Are planning to do a monthly ‘Taste of Skagit’ Day next year; Pilot programs in La Conner & Sedro- Woolley; Finishing Bar vs. Salad Bar considerations for the future.
  • Compost Process for our leftover food (What can we do?)
  • Guidance on School Treats – Kim Turner;  Considering monthly sale of treats after lunch
  • Guidance on Class Parties
  • Carolyn and Libby brought examples of parent guidance for classroom parties
  • Allergy Awareness
  • Deenie will send out some public information announcements to parents related to allergy awareness
  • Next Steps/Planning Related to the above topics

Need to identify meeting date in May – Time of Day?  Partnership with PTA – Chris will work with PTA on Greenhouse/Garden idea

After-School Club – associated with Garden/Greenhouse (Summer Project); Garden Fair Idea – Partnership with PTA

  • Updated Health and Fitness Curriculum: What role can this committee play? (Matt and Kim)

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